myPhone Photography Workshop with Tay Butler

Saturday, August 8, 2020, 11:00 am - 12:30 pm

myPhone Photography Workshop with Tay Butler


myPhone Photography Workshop is a one and half hour workshop on photography using your iPhone. While the presentation will be catered to and conducted with the oldest supported iPhone to date (iPhone 7, supported until September 2022), you can participate in this course using any smartphone with a native camera/lens, basic edit capabilities and a working app store. More recent iPhones will only increase potential capabilities for participating students. A newer iPhone and iPad will be on hand to update some of the native controls.


I will begin with a quick showing of a gallery of photos taken and edited on my iPhone, explaining some of my artistic processes and uses for iPhone photography. Next, I will present a very brief presentation on the history of digital photography, but keep it short as the main focus is the methodologies, uses and notable artists who take and make professional photos with smartphones. Additionally, I will key in on three apps to edit and post your photos; Adobe Lightroom CC, VSCO and Instagram. Adobe Lightroom requires a monthly/yearly subscription while VSCO and Instagram are free. VSCO also has film filters available for purchase to give photos a classic film finish.


This class will be conducted via powerpoint with screenshots of work in progress. The workshop will not cover Adobe Photoshop.

Topics will include:

  • Composition, lighting and focus
  • Native camera uses (for older and newer models)
  • Culling
  • Native editing
  • App editing (Instagram, VSCO, Adobe Lightroom)
  • Presets (Lightroom)
  • Lens attachments

Supplies list for students

  • Computer
  • Smartphone (iPhone-catered)
  • Optional : Adobe Lightroom, VSCO, Instagram, and lens attachments


Instructor: Tay Butler


Tay Butler is a multi-hyphenate who utilizes photography, collage, video, music, installation, and performance to identify and confront history, migration, memory, and identity from the Black American experience.


Tay has taught private and community-based workshops for Fotofest and Project Row Houses, Houston, TX.


Date: August 8th, 10:00 am Pacific Time, 11:00 am Mountain Time


Cost:  The one and a half hour workshop is $30 for non-members and free for members.


Workshops are limited to 20 students


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Image Credit, Tay Butler