(Photo credit: Yoichi Nagata, “SkyEarth The Last Paradise 5” )

(Photo credit: Yoichi Nagata, “SkyEarth The Last Paradise 2”)

Photographer Yoichi Nagata’s SkyEarth series conceptualizes Earth as an alien experience. Stripping away the blinders of habituation, Nagata treats air and water with a reverence reserved for brand new eyes.

In his own words:

When I first saw the photographs taken by the Apollo astronauts in the photo book Full Moon by Michael Light, I was stunned that the moon shows virtually the same monochromatic landscape regardless of whether the images use color or black-and-white film.  The only things that show color are those that the astronauts brought with them from the Earth.

I then imagined, what if people who were born and brought up on the moon traveled the opposite route as the Apollo astronauts and landed on Earth?  What would they sense?

First of all, they would probably be amazed by the abundant colors seen on the ground at their feet. Unlike the ground of the moon, which is gray or almost colorless, the Earth is flooded with colors such as white and beige beaches, green landscapes overgrown with grass, or carpets of colorful flowers.

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