(Photo credit: Tami Bone, “Galileo”; Juror’s Selection)

(Photo credit: Tami Bone, “Nightfall”; Director’s Selection)

(Photo credit: Tami Bone, “Ligustrum”)

Sometimes simplicity is all about focus – the loud complexities of life easily over whelm when absorbed without selectivity. Photographer Tami Bone has a definite gift for shutting out extraneous noise, crafting carefully melted dreamscapes in high contrast black and white.

She writes:

I have a big love for ordinary beauty and everyday humanity. As a photographer, I look for grace and truth and simplicity in my daily world. While familiar, these are the things that elevate our existence. They are part of what give our lives substance and meaning. While not in and of themselves photographable, I try to make them so. I look for what is honest and real, what moves my soul before my mind is aware. Within that space, I am at my best. My work is as much about being fully alive in a moment, as it is about the ins and outs of photography. It is about having a bond with this world, and about finding affinity with those around me.

See more of Tami’s work at www.tamibonephotographs.com