(Photo credit: S. Gayle Stevens, Pool Diving Board Near Everitt)
(Photo credit: S. Gayle Stevens, Pool West Beach and Barkley from the Ser)

Haunting – is there another word as suited to the sudden absence of thousands of homes and the displacement of thousands more that once lived there? Haunted perhaps is an equally apt description for the remnants of destruction. Photographer S. Gayle Stevens examines the detritus of civilization that was Pass Christian, a lesser publicized victim of Hurricane Katrina.

In her own words:

Pass Christian, a community on the Mississippi gulf coast, lost all but 500 of its 8,000 homes when Katrina’s storm surge topped the high water markers at over 30 feet and drove destruction more than half a mile inland.  This series is composed of wet plate tintypes and salt prints which immerse viewers in the long-term impact of Katrina on the homes and buildings central to life in this community that has received much less attention than New Orleans.

I hope to provoke reflection about the degree of almost universal destruction. This project will evoke conflicting emotions in viewers witnessing the terrifying impact on residents while experiencing the beauty of the almost skeletal remains of homes and buildings, reduced to their starkest and most stable elements.

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