(Photo credit: Odette England, Untitled #2)

Odette England explores the inherent and symbiotic duality of land and sky. Merging the above and the below, England forges her own middle ground.

In her own words:

‘As Above So Below’ is a phrase that indigenous cultures the world over live by: a belief that heaven and earth are the foundation of all creatures, including themselves. Land and sky are more than geographical icons; they are natural mirrors in which they see themselves reflected.

This work documents the desert landscape of Southern Australia – a traditional home of Aboriginal Australians, an indigenous people – from directly above and below a single standing point, brought together as a double exposure. I combine what otherwise exists separately, to explore the significance of primal middle ground where humankind resides. I aim to show the desert landscape as a location that has no fixed or definite direction, no dimension and no time – just as The Dreamtime (a mythical time before settlers from England arrived in Australia) is to Aboriginal Australians.