Porch with Family, Mississippi Delta © Magdalena Solé; Director’s Honorable Mention

New York based photographer Magdalena Solé is moved by the collective soul of the places she encounters with her camera. Born in Spain and raised in Switzerland, Solé is accustomed to approaching new communities from the outside in. When commissioned by the Dreyfus Health Foundation to focus on the culture of the Mississippi Delta, she counted herself fortunate to be absorbed into the community fabric like family. Solé’s Delta project will be published in a book titled New Delta Rising: Photographs by Magdalena Solé, with an introduction by Rick Bragg (University Press of Mississippi, Fall 2011). Solé holds an MFA from Columbia University. She was most recently featured in the Center’s Blue exhibition.

She writes:

I have returned to the Delta a dozen times.
Always for the same reason: the people.

See The Delta project in its entirety at www.solepictures.com