(Photo credit: Gwen Arkin, “In the Night Kitchen”)

The true test of acclimatizing to a new space is whether or not you can navigate it in the dark without bumping into something. While large sofas and coffee tables easily embed themselves into our memory maps, the kitchen is another matter. Extra chairs, piles of plates, empty bottles – meals and conversations linger but the objects fade. Photographer Gwen Arkin explores the narratives that surround these commonplace objects.

An excerpt from her artist bio reads:

Using processes perfected in the earliest days of photography, Gwen Arkin uses the simplest of cameras to record familiar scenes and objects. She exercises her alchemy and artistic will in the darkroom to offer images at once familiar and ephemeral. She composes continuous narratives, linked with gently superimposed visual segues. Fugitive figures imply a spiritual dimension, while their softly focused stillness conjures the legacy of photographic Pictorialism.

More of Gwen’s work can be seen here