(Photo credit: Jami Saunders, Come and Go; Director’s Honorable Mention )

Leaving is a funny thing. We pat our pockets for keys, flip light switches, grab our bags. We cast a fleeting backward glance at the empty space where we just stood. But rarely do we immortalize the figures associated with the place – the left and leaving. ¬†Here, photographer Jami Saunders considers both roles as she documents her brother’s last night in New York.

In her own words:

This is my brother and my best friend. We lived down the street from each other in Brooklyn. We saw each other a zillion times a day and talked even more. Then, as actors do, he moved to LA. This image was taken the night before he moved. His room was empty. And we processed the move as siblings that are photographers and actors do…he felt it out while I shot pictures…we said nothing…we shed tears…and we created something real to each of us forever.

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