(Photo credit: Alec Von Bargen, Everybody’s Gone; Juror’s Selection)

(Photo credit: Alec Von Bargen, In Mourning)

Alec Von Bargen is a low maintenance photographer. Choosing a small “point and shoot” digital camera to interpret his experiences, Alec is unfettered by delicate equipment and the perpetual fear that the lock on the trunk is going to give way and offer up your livelihood to the world while you stop for coffee. While purists may scoff, Von Bargen’s work is no less captivating for ease of capture, proving once again that it’s not “what” you shoot, it’s how you shoot it.

Von Bargen’s Everybody’s Gone is a poetic antithesis to our increasingly people saturated environments.

See more of Alec’s work online at www.alec360.c0m