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Posted by The Center on August 19, 2010

(Photo credit: Julie Anand and Damon Sauer, Either/Or)

Artists Julie Anand and Damon Sauer are a collaborative duo based in Arizona. The symbiotic nature of their efforts ensures that each piece is a physical representation of their willfully twinned conscious. The  image Either/Or emphasizes this layered duality, the woven components of the original photograph constructing a staggered, shadow portrait of the straight image.

Their artist statement reads:

Our collaborative work questions the convention of defining the edge of ‘self’ at the surface of the skin by suspending moments when bodies merge. Shadows describe the abstract outlines of hybrid beings. Photographs are woven, figures are interlaced, labor is entwined, authorship is complicated. The body as a site of convergence forms the basis of our investigation. Boundaries are pragmatic conventions reinforced by language that assume fixity where there is change. In this perspective, we work toward a softening of borders, and toward the possibility of seeing two things at once.

See more of Anand & Sauer’s collaborative efforts at

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Posted by The Center on August 18, 2010

(Photo credit: Sarah-Marie Land, Mortuary No.3, St. Louis, Missouri, 2010)

(Photo credit: Sarah-Marie Land, Mortuary No.1, St. Louis, Missouri, 2010)

Strange Beauty is a family affair for the Land sisters – both Sarah-Marie and Andrea are featured in the Center’s current exhibition. Sarah-Marie’s mortuary seating rooms examine the tidiness that surrounds the after life in North America. Land recently received an honorable mention in The Camera Club of New York’s 2010 National Juried Competition. See her entry HERE.

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