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Posted by The Center on January 26, 2010

(Photo credit: Hypnos by Samuel Moulin)

I photographed the “Tornado”, this sort of turning platform, in the poorest light and colors, between two artificial lightning strikes, because at this precise moment it evocated to me a gigantic spinning plate vanishing away in the dark with it’s human content. The image of the stoic passengers disappearing in the night on board of their mad ship stroke me as an allegory of the emptiness of our times.

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Posted by The Center on January 25, 2010

(Photo credit: Gentleman #32 by Erica Allen)

Director’s Selection: Erica Allen

Brooklyn-based photographer Erica Allen examines our preconceived notions of identity through both historical and contemporary viewpoints. By means of photographic ready-mades, Allen’s series Untitled Gentlemen features digital composite images that are constructed with “anonymous faces from contemporary barbershop hairstyle posters combined with figures from discarded studio photographs.”  Due to Allen’s source material, her series touches upon themes of gender, race, and fashion.

(Photo credit: Erica Allen. From the Untitled Gentlemen series.)

The constructed “gentlemen” in the images are peculiarly intimate while, at the same time, they are also anonymous. In her artist statement, Allen discusses the relationship between her work and the viewer:

I am interested in shifting the frame of how we encounter and interpret images to investigate the meaning and construction of the photographic image. This work aims to encourage the viewer to reflect upon their own interpretation and projection of identity in the photograph.

More of Erica’s work can be found at

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