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Leigh Anne Langwell

Posted by staff on July 25, 2013

Photograms: Life Illuminated,  Featuring “Dark Field”

Exhibition Dates: August 2 – September 28, 2013

Artist and Public Reception, August 2 from 6-9 pm


“I have always envisioned the core of the body as somehow illuminate—a self contained lighting storm.” Leigh Anne Langwell


Leigh Anne Langwell’s search for meaning via the human body affords the audience a sensual experience of photography. Upon experiencing the artist’s immense mural, Dark Field (1999), it is clear that Langwell’s photograms break and exceed traditional photographic strictures. Dark Field conjures feelings of connection with the universe simultaneous with the inner workings of the body. Through the presence of fluidity, ambiguous content and contrasts of dark and light, Langwell’s work elicits responses of disruption, pleasure, and wonder. The immense five-panel piece is a vision of energy, life and death simultaneously.

Langwell’s solo exhibition at The Center features “Dark Field” and includes several photograms from her Black Frame series.


Dark Field, Leigh Anne Langwell (1999)


Untitled No. 13, Leigh Anne Langwell

To see more of Leigh Anne Langwell’s work, please go to her website

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Black and White Exhibition is Closing on May 19th

Posted by The Center on May 16, 2012

Some featured artists in the Black and White exhibition:


Juror’s Selection: Heaven Can Wait, Carmen Spitznagel

Juror’s Honorable Mention: Poppy, Dianne Poinski

Director’s Selection and Blurb Book Award: Playtime, Deborah Parkin

Director’s Honorable Mention: A Chair by Her Bed, Robb Johnson

liveBooks Award: Delta Tree, Anne Conway Jennings

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