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Posted by The Center on July 16, 2010

(Photo credit: Jesus Jimenez, Energy Trace II, 621 Calorie Circle; Director’s Selection)

No, that isn’t a crop circle. This is the calling card of clever multimedia artist Jesus Jimenez. Awarded Director’s Selection, Energy Trace II, 621 Calorie Circle documents the aftermath of expending 621 calories walking in a circle. Jimenez’s piece goes far beyond a simple circle in the grass – this site specific work is an elegy to the fleeting nature of human existence.

From Jimenez’s artist statement:

I have found my inspiration in a personal obsession for the order, the trace and the object… My body of work is about staging and documenting absurd transitory and ephemeral situations for the camera to create not narrative, but descriptive images of a particular reality. My intention is to leave imprinted within these spaces my ideas and physical trace.

Check out this project in its entirety at

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Posted by The Center on July 15, 2010

(Photo credit: Beau Comeaux, Cliff)

Beau Comeaux’s images have the disconcerting quality of a dream. Using extremely selective focus, Comeaux centers your attention on his subject (here, a crumbling cliff face) yet encourages you to ponder the amorphous shadowed shapes. As such, the cliff becomes a stage upon which an undefined scene prepares to unfold.

In his own words:

I generate visible representations of my imagination through acquisition and manipulation of digital captures…

A presence, felt but not seen, emanates from the shadows, from around corners, and from behind structures. Psychologically inhabiting these images, one can become unnerved and uncertain about exploring the spaces and their ominous overtones. As much about definitions as exclusion, their voyeuristic implications¬† are undeniably tempting. Perspective shifts, color mutates… lighting and focus – seemingly self-aware – further heighten disorientation…

More of Beau’s work can be seen at

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