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Posted by The Center on September 6, 2010

(Photo credit: Adrian Davis, Seven)

Local Fort Collins photographer Adrian Davis has adapted modern technologies to produce vintage results. Using digital input and inkjet output, Davis creates moody vistas with a meditative view camera sensibility.

In his own words:

I had been visiting with a photographer friend living in the area, and we were simply out joy-riding in the countryside. I made one exposure, with a fixed 100mm lens, out the window of a stopped and running car. Two years went by before I opened the digital image and made a first print of it.

Check out to see more of Adrian’s landscape work.

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Posted by The Center on September 3, 2010

(Photo credit: Chelsea Deklotz, Youth Room Assigned Seats #2)

Chelsea Deklotz’s series Assigned Seats is a ruminative study of the places we go to think – chairs, benches, church pews. Devoid of the bodies for which they were built, these structures become monoliths of solitude in a microwave world.

Deklotz writes:

Capturing these specific environments on film serves as a fragmented documentation of my digression from the strictly conservative Christian mindset I was raised with into something more fluid, undecided, and in many cases, more autonomous.

Check out the rest of Chelsea’s Assigned Seats series at

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