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Posted by The Center on September 8, 2010

(Photo credit: EJ Carr, The Book of Druid)

Hooked on the myths and iconography of Ireland after an extended stay, Denver based photographer EJ Carr began to explore their symbolic relevance in his personal work. Carr’s The Book of Druid is featured in the Center’s current Black and White exhibition.

See more of Carr’s work at

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Posted by The Center on September 7, 2010

(Photo credit: Dorothy O’Connor, Forest from the series In the Landscape; Director’s Selection)

The figures in Dorothy O’Connor’s In the Landscape are largely faceless. Observed at a distance, predominantly from behind, O’Connor’s subjects provide entry points to a much longer story. The 8×10 view camera’s swing and tilt magic enables exacting direction of the viewer’s attention through selective focus.

She writes:

Even thought this series seems based on the traditional landscape, the photograph actually begins as a picture in my imagination. The selection of the location and the positioning of the model within the landscape, expresses a specific emotion or feeling. Visually expressing a state of mind is largely what this ongoing series is about.
The 8×10 field camera and film which I use to capture this work, demands patience and deliberateness to operate. This process allows me to experience the original mental image in a physical way, connecting me in an external way with the feeling I was driven to express.

More of Dorothy’s work can be seen at

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