About The Center for Fine Art Photography

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Founded in 2004 by photographers, The Center for Fine Art Photography is a nonprofit organization supported by donations, grants, and memberships. We offer three public galleries, classrooms, and our main office in Fort Collins, Colorado. We provide support to photographic artists through exhibition, promotion, education and connection to a large community of artists, curators, gallery owners  and industry leading photographic professionals.

“The Center for Fine Art Photography promotes the art of photography by supporting the growth of creative artists through exhibitions and educational programs.” The Center’s Mission Statement


Through our themed Calls for Entry, C4FAP offers photographic artists at every level the chance to have their work seen by industry leading professionals. Each juror infuses new insights and perspectives into every exhibit. Past jurors have included, Mona Kuhn, Charles Guice, Mary Ellen Mark, Amy Arbus and Andy Adams.


We welcome all forms of photography, from hand-built cameras to modern digital processes.  The themes are open to artist interpretation and this freedom brings amazing results. The Center shows innovative imagery and emerging creative trends with each new show. We welcome all levels of photographic artists to submit their work.


C4FAP offers many juried exhibitions throughout the year. The Main Gallery in Fort Collins, CO exhibits the artists work chosen in a jury process. We also provide complete online galleries of every exhibit featuring links to the artist’s websites. The Center for Fine Art Photography also offers between 10-15 Solo Exhibitions in the North and Gould galleries each year with the goal of gaining exposure for talented emerging artists.



  • Juried International Fine Art Photography Exhibitions
  • Solo Artist Exhibitions
  • Permanent and complete online exhibitions for each show, with artist website links.
  • Portfolio ShowCase annual publication.
  • International Calls or Entry. Click here for current calls for entry.
  • Artist and Public Receptions.
  • Portfolio Reviews
  • Educational programming and workshops taught by leading photographic artists and experienced industry professionals.
  • A large community of artists, curators and galleries that offer artist support.
  • Memberships that offer discounts and privileges.
  • Three Public Galleries and Off Site Exhibitions


A testimonial from one of our artists who was chosen in the jury process,

Bear Kirkpatrick.

“The Center for Fine Art Photography have done something wonderful for me–they have become a conduit through which my work has been exposed to a whole new level of international awareness, and through which I have come to meet members of my own tribe.  Their juried competitions have availed the chance to show my work to internationally renowned jurors, and through their exhibitions I have been able to meet those jurors and the other participating artists.  This has not only increased my visibility as an artist, and boosted my confidence, but more importantly it has connected me directly to the international and contemporary community of photographic artists and people who love the photographic arts.  I feel as though they were the first to take me in out of the cold, give me a blanket, a bowl of stew, a place to rest for a moment.  I will be eternally thankful for their support and good cheer.” – Bear Kirkpatrick






Executive Director/Curator

Hamidah Glasgow

Programs Manager

Sunshine Divis


Programs Assistant

Ren Burke





Board of Directors

Natascha Seideneck – President and Secretary

Kit Baker –  Treasurer

Mutahar Glasgow

Hamidah Glasgow


Advisory Board

Cole Thompson